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I'm Georgina Fontana and my husband and I are the owners and caretakers of Family Roots Farm.  We started this farm because we believe in growing food organically through nurturing both the land and our livestock.  Our  farm was created to be environmentally friendly through focusing on both natural and self-sustaining materials and processes.  We utilize renewable energy to drive our operation, and the balance of vegetation and animals combine to drive a symbiotic ecosystem. 

It has been my dream to have a farm for as long as I can remember and I was lucky enough to realize that dream when I moved to upstate NY in 2003.  What started as a passion for animals has evolved to the point that in 2018 I have taken the leap and started Family Roots Farm.  At Family Roots Farm, we want to share this bounty with others and expand our farm using biodynamic and permaculture principles.  

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